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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ict4me Hayat!

hyelow...apo kabo..hehe..lama dah xblogging nie..sb busy dgn keja skit n events..
ok now i hav many things to talk about days that happen while im not blogging..one of the best events that i so much busy with is ict4me hayat..so these some of it from the events that take place at dewan mutiara,kolej matrikulasi labuan..On 8hb mac 2009.....
I plak as the promoter of our product that is XITRONELLA..it is usually a set of aromatheraphy for whom want to relax their body n also help in secreting toxic from ur body....
This is our poster for our group..aen n florida as the model for this poster..
Is a very2 busy situation sb kmi bkerjasama myiapkan booth kmi dr pagi smpai ke tengah malam..huhux

and this some of the pictures n our promotion about our product..

mona n vivien as one of the promoter for our booth..

and aslo me as the promoter..hehehe

overall..its a fun events..and our tutorial got 11th palce winner from 44 tutorial..its a great work from all of my frens and also our ict4me sir amrul...

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