Simple is Nice

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i dunno what to say
but its about sumtin 
in my mind..
that related with feelins
its hard to explain into words
but yah..
most probably
i missin sumone that have been in my life
i dunno why
its hard for me to forget the pers0n
although i 0redy forCe myself to m0ve 0n anD forget it
myb its true that i still love the pers0n s0 much
t0 the p0int that it hard for me to f0rget the mem0ries 
between Us..
But i cherishh all the m0ments that we been throUgh
the laughter,the Love,the saddness
i n0e its not ur fault..
untiL this day
i owez think of the pers0n 
instead f0cusing in my studies
do U really imp0rtant t0 me
this question mark
owez running in my head
chriz what u thinkin
u shud m0ve 0n
leave all this shit away
that i owez saiD to myself when i think b0ut it
but as human being n more fiercely have a heart
that like a "rock"
its hard..
just hard
but i noe it depend to me
whatever it is 
i just neeD t0 move 0n..

actually i have no friends
that i think suit to talk b0ut this matter to them
its kind of c0mplicated 
i h0pe this feelin will not last l0nger
m0re important thing
i hav my 0wn syg
s0 i need t0 foCus 0n her
rather thinkin  b0ut thiss
i just wrote this because "Blog" is the 0nly medium
that can express my feelins when there is no one to talk to..
it quite hard to understand though..
but anyway
life must Go 0n..
there are long journey ahead 0f Us..
i just need to f0cus what im d0in now.
most important thing
enjoy God's Life


Hizami Li said...

blog is the best medium for us to talk about something that we hard to speak about.

Chriz said...

yaahh..huhu..ur ritee..

princess zaza said...

huhuhu..just be patient..u need 2 find sumone u really trus 2 tell yr probs or whatever it is cuz u cnt:(( keep it 2 yrself..it will make u hurt~~~there should b sumeone 4 u 2 share..

Chriz said...

iya za..huhu..but entala at here it hard to trust people...huhuhu

princess zaza said...

huhuhu..hope u will hve sumone u can trust there..but yeah!! mmg susa mw trust org dsna tue..nda sma mcm org dsni..huhuhu

Chriz said...

iyaa..org sni2 kasar n too straight forward kalo ckp tu..xda tapis2 lae...itula beza org sabah dgn semenanjung..huhu

Dark Angel said...

move along babeh~ ^^

princess zaza said...

yaaa..mmg gtue tue mulut org sna..mnta kna tmpar kali..huhu..tpi nda smua laa..ada jga tue yg oke2..cian ko bhaa

Chriz said...

mitc:..iya i shud move 0n..huhu

Chriz said...

za..iya..inda smua tp sebilangan besar..wkakakaa