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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

.[stage two].

guess what guys??

im through tO


stage two


ProJect O&O


the competition gettin thougher nOw



stage two

we need tO answer 8 Question


the Judges

sO here 

my answers



Full Name: Christopher George

Campus: Universiti Putra Malaysia

Hannah : How much difference do you think you can make by winning the title and what sort of impact do you think that would bring on the lives of the people around you?

Chriz : I think the biggest difference that i can make is helping to encourage people to join this such competition and the impact, they would learn be more confident in presenting their own style and be profounded by their unique characteristic.

Jeffrey : What do you think are the pre-requirements if you want to become a trend setter?
Chriz : In my opinion, personality, look and knowledge are the pre-requirements to become a trend setter.

Edmund : What or who encourage you to take part in this competition?
Chriz : Actually,my ex girlfriend is the person who encourage me to enter this competition because she know how badly I like this such type of competition and also all my friends which are my voters.

Rosalyn : What qualities do you look for in your partner?

Chriz : The qualities that I look are capable of loving me and my parents as her own.Then, I look for someone whom I can respect for some good quality of hers and sensible in taking daily routine decisions.

Josh : What do you feel a person should have accomplished in life before he/she turns 35 years old?

Chriz : Firstly, he/she already achieve his/her dream and has a stable career or job which can support his/her life.Then,has a loving wife/husband and kids that will accompany throughout the life.

James : In 20 words or less, answer this question: What is style?

Chriz : Style is a form of ideas to represent our own self or identity on how creative we can be.

Kim : If I had a million dollars today, I would...

Chriz : I would spend half of it on a honeymoon trip with the one I love and half of it I’ll spend it on my life especially my family and also bulid up a company organize by my own family members.

Nasa : Who is the biggest influence in your life? (can be someone close to you like a family member or even someone you haven't met)  

Chriz : The biggest influence in my life is my parent.I believe that everything a parent does in their child's life has a big impact on them forever .They support me in whatever I do and always be there when needed.

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