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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

.standing vOtes.

                                 Project O&O July 1 at 10:05am Report

Hi friends of Project O&O!

Would you like to know the rankings of the Top 10 right now? We have arranged it from the highest voted candidate to the lowest and links have been given so that it is convenient for you to click directly to their notes to vote for them.


1. Kenny (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 472)

2. Andrew (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 287)

3. Rifanzi (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 253)

4. Christopher G. (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 216)

5. Christ J. (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 209)


1. Qwen Ong (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 713)

2. Josheen Ma (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 710)

3. Ammy Ahmad Shukri (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 293)

4. Jaslinder Kaur (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 283)

5. Hanie Hidayah (Votes as of 1/7/2010 9.30am : 149)

Good news is that, the battle is still on!! We are only closing the voting system at 10pm tomorrow (2nd of July 2010).

Well, we must say that this is only the public votes. The judges have yet to send in their scores and the public votes alone does not determine that even the highest voted candidate would be in the Top 4. But it sure does help by leaps and bounds!

C'mon, let's vote for them!


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Here are the votes the public casted at MAS Traveller's website for the value that they want:-

87% voted for entertainment on board.
75% voted for not paying for a meal.
80% voted for 20kg tambang bagasi + 5 kg tambang bagasi tangan.
89% voted for want to sit together.
91% voted for to get rewarded with air miles every time you fly.
73% voted for seats that recline with more legroom.

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