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Thursday, October 28, 2010


.Its Rejected.
.triple damn.
.the assignment which i already done it last week.
.need to be done back.
.damn fuck.
.stressful week.
.its cost me a lot for only that damn assigment.
.now i need to do it back.
.whats wrong with u lecturer.
.are u insane.
.we are university student not a professor yet.
.so dont aspect more than we are.
.we are still learning u noe.
.damn all my coursemate are stressful rite now.
.we need a vacation.
.exam is next week.
.sabar la kau gaman.
.tonite is.
.AGM nite.
.Annual Grand Meeting.
.it will down to the new president of Envoch.
.this time it MUST be ours.
.strategy already planned.
.so hope for the best.
.no "tikam dari belakang" k.
.k la.
.its stressful peeps.
.sleep first.
.the mouse thing is give me a bipolar mood.
.bongok tul.

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