Simple is Nice

Monday, November 29, 2010


.Hello guys.
.Meet again.
.So long didnt updating my bloggy.
.its a come back.
.guess what?!.
.Im back to my hometown..
.Sabah Negeri Di bawah Bayu.
.Isn't that sound greats.
.Ok peeps.
.How u all doin.
.hopely fine.
.im enjoying my boring holidays like previous holidays.
.Getting fatter my aim.
.need to gain so weight here.
.Coz my aunties and cuzzie said im too small for 20's.
.Im look 15.
.In +ve view its nice coz feel that im young.
.But in -ve view..am i that small?.
.so need to gain some height importantly.
.But HOW?.
.BIG "?".
.im tryin a lot here.
.dont say hang my body up in tree.
.i tried that before.
.eat vegetables.
.so damn boring.
.i ate also but no effects.
.eat vitamin.
.supplement sumtimes can be dangerous to health.
.its big NO.
.but its amazing also.
.coz my height is getting to 162 cm oredy.
.OK dont Laugh.
.Its normal ok.
.so guys i need ur opinion here.
.Help Help.
.draw me ur ideas and comments this post k.

* Tetiba cerita pasal nak tinggi plak.
.Layan sajalah.


..hizamirahim.. said...

162 ?
so small ah.

Aemy Shamy said...

ba jom hangout d kk..haha

Chriz said...

hizami.:..erk.kejam !!!!.uwaaaa...dush2..hahaha..comel la..buek !!

Chriz said...

aemy : JOm !!.hahhaha..pg cri supplements kita.ahahaha !!