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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


.its kinda long time didnt update my bloggy.
.Maybe because i went to my #familyHolidays and back to my #hometown.
.My English Rusty oredy oh.
.need to polish some more.
.need to be ready.
.how everyone doin?!.
.having #fun this holidays.
.Like mine.
.Kinda OK.
.i done so much this holidays i guess.
.R-ehat T-idur M-akan.
.back to #kualapenyu.
.my dad old #volkswagen.
.scene at my kampung.
.last week.
.so,its damn boring.
.for the #1st day.
.then the next day got lots of activties.
.i do the #chore-house.
.#decorating my room.
.#rempit kampung with the schoolmates.
.#lepaking at the bustop(bus station).
.#swimming at the beach.
.#soccer kampung.
.wah !!.
.damn great rite.
.yah !!.
.so much fun owh.
.and now me back to kk.
.cause need to settle something.
.will be back to #KP next week.
.got many activities waiting for me.
.I kinda miss #KL.
.yup,damn much.
.miss my bed in #UPM.
.miss the hectic situation in #KL.
.im glad i will be back.
.the my exam result will be out this coming friday.
.im freaking excited.
.but hopely the result is OK.
.OK guys.
.need to go now.
.updating about the miss earth 2010 later on.
.keep on tuning k.
.Only in.
.Merry Christmas.


kyoO~rEz@ said...

wah cantik gambar ^^

Chriz said...


::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

RTM.... hahahaha. helo Santa Muda

Emmichiii Bunny S. said...


Chriz said...

hahaha.kan faiz.
michiii : merry christmas too !!!..hahaa