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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello Peeps !! I know yahh.. Less update right. Huhu. Sorry Lo. So busy with my practical. So hows everyone !! Okay Bah kan. Hopely. :) Okay. Finally got the chance to update my bloggy after so long didnt update. Huhu. Actually now im doing my practical at Pejabat Kesihatan kawasan Kota Kinabalu. Here at Luyang next to Klinik Kesihatan Luyang. Im posting as a Pegawai Kesihatan Persekitaran for a month. Everything seems fine and interesting. We able to follow the team to certain place for cases such as the interesting place like Pulau gaya which if u are sabahan u will noe how the Pulau Gaya would be like. HuHuHu. so challenging !! I like challenge. Hoho. Okay. Another 1 more week here. then continue my holidays for 2 months and september will be back to KL. OKay. enough about work ! now leisure. Damn ! Sabah so HOT ! Im HOtT Too ! Opss.. haha. Yesterday nite some of my frens went to witness Mr.Kaamatan Preview at Edgar Pub Club at KK. One word ! Marvellous ! the performance are amazing ! the singer damn cool and powerful. The crowd is hyper . One of the best club which u should come when u came to Sabah. :) Congratz to all the winner that nite. Eventhough its oredy late but the performance still amazing. Here some of the pictures taken that nite. Orang sabah cakap "Paning2 suda ne" LOL. Heyyoo !!

Here are some of the contestant picha last nite with their TOGA costume
which design by themself
Pictures : Taken From Jeffie Jeff. :)

chow yooo !!


Cinoi Lavigne said...

Woah ni edgar yg dpn jesselton point tu ka. lama tidak ke sana baru 2kali jak p sana pun

MyGamanBorNeo said...

wah, gambar yg last ni org zaman rom versi sabahan boi ka :)

Chriz said...

cinoi : ya sanala tuh.. best woo..performance band dia sgt best ahaha..

gaman : begitu laitu..hahaa