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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello !! whaddup pepol ! Haha. Wow. seems that in been years i did not check my blog since i was in Sabah. As usual im busy with my academic years coz this is my 3rd year which is the most stress-ing year in my 4 years study. i got 24 hours a day but left to me now only night time coz my daytime used with all academic thingy even at night i got meetings and merits collection activities. seems that 24 hours isn't enough for me. Huhu. What happen to me so far? okay. So far im doin my assessment on our noise monitoring last wednesday we doing our assessment of noise monitoring at Gas District Cooling at KLIA Chiller which the assessment until at night. So damn tired. Then, next month we will goin into factories to doing research in each factories by our own and my group consist of 4 people will be goin to Kajang . Its was so hard coz we got no transport. Dammit. but i think we can handle it. The class also so damn packed this semester. class until 7pm. so far thats happening on my my life right now.

3 long time friends finally met in God's House 

our new family of Cssupmerz

they said im gain weight



::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

update juga akhirnya.. hehe

Chriz said...

haha. akhirnya kan faiz :P