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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bikin Panas !

Hurmm.. ada fight sikit tadi with my sayang not that serious fight la. Just different opinions among us. I just don't understand the way she try to solve her problem. Why she need to wait for others then she make a move? Like this, my sayang currently searching for a room to rent but then she wait for her roomates to decide which place they want to choose. Tapi saya rasa roomate2 my sayang tu tak ambik peduli pun. sebab mencari rumah sewa pun  my sayang seorang sahaja and contact pun dia jak seorang. apala guna macam tu. tunggu goyang kaki saja. I hate that type of person. Ambil kesempatan terhadap orang lain. That why la i said to her yang she need to decide now whether to move alone or with her "passenger in a bus" type of roomates. But then my sayang ne too generous sebab mo pikir pasal roomate2 dia jugala. Yalah, fahamla kan kawan2 ne penting juga. tapi kadang2 certain time kita perlu buat keputusan kita sendiri untuk diri kita. Pikir diri sendiri dulu baru orang lain. Ourself is our main priority. Besok she going to see another room hopely that one should be fine and by this friday can move in already. Memang friday ne pun they have to out from their college. For her friends, please lah stand on ur own feet. Don't simply take advantage to other people. Bikin Panas Seh ! Kesian my sayang. 

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