Simple is Nice

Monday, November 7, 2011


hello guys.
so how ur raya?
okay ka?
hopely byk sembelih lembu
so a fast update
just simple one
currently im busy with my course works
monitoring factories at kajang for one month
so i dont have class for a month
damn !
its so stressful handling the monitoring
its hard to use the lab gadget
i forgot the procedure and all the calibration
so its quite hard for me to learn it back
coz i learn all the instruction like 2 years back already
but still under control
i will find the solution LAH !
so far thats in term of my STUDY
in term of LOVE
so far going good and our love each day more and more
even its already close to 1 year already we been together
gadoh ?
ala besalah tu kan
oh ya, we planning to celebrate our 1 year annivesary we my others craziest buddies 
this coming december
we planning to go to Genting then Malacca
still in planning but for sure it will be happen with them
this year i will not coming back for christmas to KK,Sabah.
i will celebrate my christmas here in KL with my syg
with all my craziest buddies
im so excited for it
also the new year eve also we planning something great !
it will a fun new year eve ever!
coz this year is my first time celebrating christmas and new year outside from Sabah.
so thats something to look out for
i think thats all 
a short update
enjoy ur day people
Lets forgive and forget for all people that done wrong to you coz
that the best way to feel freedom 
came to MALAYSIA !!
OMaigad !
i missed seeing her !
coz she gived free ticket to fans to meet her.
even CT NURHALIZA had a chance to meet her.

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