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Sunday, November 22, 2009

.BaCk to My PlaCe.

hehe...saya oredy back to my beloved place..my sweet home jumpa my family and my beloved mummy that looks fine after the surgery..hope a bless health for hear and heal from the disease..huhu..ok 1st at home im wake up almost noon..hahaha..well nothin to do rite so sleep iz the best medicine when we neeD most sleep than ever..hehe..anD im Online all the day Long..Checkin my mail and also do soMe stuff such helping my Mum,playing with my NepNew..ariel..hehehe..he Become more active rite now since i left him...But,he stiLL reMember his Uncle Opo..hehe..Thats my NickNAme at Home..O.M.G..im reveal my Nickname On public..hahaha..neverMind..hehe...ok theN the 2nd,im goin out with My freNz..Goin to Centre point(cp) one of shoping Complex In Kk(kota kinaBalu)..we planned to watch some moVies but it gettIn late so we CaNceLleD it..we just do some Window shoppin and buy some stuff...N At the saMe time Chat bout our frenz new news..hehehe..im Gettin excited Bcoz some of my frenzs are gettiN married..so fast them make their plannin but im happy for them..huhu...for me,i dont no..i think married its a lonG journey for me..im still not findinG the rite oNe..but sOme of frenz said that dont find but wait until she coMe to yOu...hehehe..im stiLL waitin for the rite persOn for me..hehehe....Ok on 3rd day at home..im just online the whole day long..and playin with My Nephew as uSual..huhu...i love my new very mUch..Bcoz he is my 1st Nephew in Our faMily..and My pareNtz 1st GraNdsoN..so He is the Love In the FamiLy..hehe...Love u Ariel..Actually im MissiN sumOne rite Now..but we Planned to meet after the Exam..Missin the person so so Much..but i caNt wait..hehe...Hope we Have a great tiMe toGether When we meet..huhu..Love u sYg.hehhe..Ok I think there a Lots im TaLkin..Now Enjoyin s0me picha that i took with my freNz on 20.11.2009..hehehe..see yah..(O_o).

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