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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.2nD & 3rd week of sem 2.

haha...mesti korg heran kan why there iz no 1st week for the 2nd semester.this is bcause the 1st week im still in my holiday at sabah..i escape n extend my holidays..haha..


   2nD week

so i start my 2nd semester during 2nd week,,hehe...there are so many things happen in the 2nd and 3rd week..haha..the 2nd week i start my first kuliah that is biochemistry..ngantok sgt time tu..huhu..smpai aku nak tertido dah dlm kuliah..adOi..huhuhu...overall,the 2nd week si so much Mgantuk time..huhu..dont noe la why when im back in upm my lazy habit came back..huhu..hate that so much...huhu...

 3rD week

this week iz when the fun start to begin..wakakka..i feel so much fun this week..my lazy habit oredy gone...wakakaka...because this week a lot events happen..first of all,the christmas celbration for cssupm...it is a lot of enjoyment n happiness..bila smua puaka2 bertembung mjadi gila2 la smua org..haha...byk games yg kmi ada time tu..one of it is the "ballerina,james bond,n elephant"game..hahaha..its quite a miserable time n confusing time..but its fun..hahahah...then,we sing n dance..hahaha..so much much fun...then,second event is my lab fisiologi..hahaha..when we do the 2nd experiment which is the blood n heart..hahaha...blood is everywhere..wahahah...there iz some picha with my crazier group ever..miahahaha...overall,3rd week is so much fun dowh..hehehe....:)

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