Simple is Nice

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


deep inside my heart
i cryin deeply n shout loudly
i dunno what happenin to me
why this shud happen
why in my relationship
what i do wrong
i knee down for u
forgive me for what im done
im doing this just because i love so much
shud i take all this pain
im a human
got feelin and heart
not a doll that u can throw away
and when u need me u take it back
im tired for acting like this
im not right and u not wrong
i need u to speak with me
not silent all the time
how this relationship be happy
if both of us didnt talk
we shud be happy
not in pain like this
maybe im over about this
i love u so much
thats why im doing all this
i never want more
i just want ur love
show me
izit hard
i writing this
coz i dunno who else can understand for what i feel
i cant leave coz 
i love u so much
i dont want to leave u
but in the same time if we together
the relationship just like im alone in it
i always pray for both of us
the best way we can be
but maybe my pray is not been hear rite now
i tryin to fix what wrong in our relationship
u say im forcing my self to be with u
im not like that
if forcing my self
i already leave u so long time ago
u say just react normal
why u never forget about our previous fight
u say im a boring person
so why u stay with me
i give u space to find other people
its fine with me
rather u be boring with me
im tired with all our chapter in this relationship
to the point
im givin up my self
live by my own
i love u
thats the problem
if we just same after this
maybe its my fault
just i want u to noe that
im doing this
i love u

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