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Thursday, January 13, 2011


.heys whaddup guys !.
.the clock now is showing 3.15 am.
.hoho. life is importan
.and i havent sleep.
.coz not sleepy mah.
.so i blog lor.
.Tetiba slang Cina sesat kejap.
.about previous post tuh.
.abaikan jak la tuh.
.Past oredy kan.
.Xguna sy bersedih for that such people.
.wasteless jak.
.Its my life important now.
.great plan ahead ne.
.Lauching of Pusat Akses.
.in my Kolej 17.
. actually it is a cyber cafe.
.which i will jaga.
.part time job.
.so will be busy lor.
.my schedule this sem so tight oO.
.start jam 8am until 5pm.
.ambek kau.
.with the meeting2 lagik.
.Ohya CNY.
.is around the conner kan.
.Guess what?.
.im planning with my friends to celebrate CNY at Pulau Langkawi.
.how nice is that.
.spend the cny with my friends
.i still planning On it. 
.But for sure i will be done.
.excited about it.
.because it is about two weeks left.
.so we must need to find the hotel first.
.Xkan mo tidur tepi jalan kan.
.For sure the hotel ww choose is next to the beach.
.then in Mac.
.we got big event that will we organise.
.which is the Youthful health.
.corporate with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.
.its a big event in Malaysia.
.me as the publicity team.
.need to promote this event to all Malaysian.
.Please do come on 10-12 Mac 2011.
.at UPM,Serdang.
.we have a lot of stuff going on.
.Got health screening for free.
.Free gift and also we got MR.Fitness Competition for any interested to join.
.its will be happening event.
.Support Us k.
.For more information u can find us in facebook- Youthful Health 2011
i guess
i need to take my rest rite now
.so tired suddenly typing this post.
.For now.

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