Simple is Nice

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


.how everybody doins?!.
.Hopely fine.
.For me it was a hard time these fews day.
.i dunno what to say.
.its just amazing when people change.
.do u really understand what LOVE is?
.now i noe the love u say to me when u with me are LIE.
.thanks for giving me this experience.
.if not i will never noe who is my real frens.
.yes maybe im not good enough.
.i admit that.
.but for 8 months we been through.
.i questioning myself.
.so many things i done.
.all of that are just a waste.
.i feel betrayed,hurt,angry and sad.
.then i thinking and thinking.
.i realise that is not use to be sad or angry with them.
.Coz its life.
.People will betrayed us.
.The hurt part is when u been backstabbed by ur own fren.
.its hurt so much to trust them but in the end they betrayed us.
.frens which i need when im in trouble.
.But actually they are FAKE.
.now i noe who my frens.
.which i can trust and not to be include in my life.
.I forgive them.
.i hope them will be happy and i will owez pray for their happiness.
.for my ex u such a amazing person that ive known.
.its maybe my fault.
.i forgive u.
.yes if u ask me do i hate u.
.yes i hate u so damn much.
.very very hate.
.But its ur choice so i will never argue it.
.i will never see both of u.
.dont worry both of u too will never see me in ur life.
.thats my promise.
.never find me again.
.Go get a life.
.Take Care.

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