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Saturday, December 18, 2010

.Miss Earth 2010.

.Hello peeps.
.its sunday guys !!.
.what urs planning?!.
.same like me.
.duduk d rumah maciam budak baik.
.entry kali ini.
.pasal MISS EARTH 2010.
.baru2 nie yang di langsungkan live d star world |711.
.Live dari Vietnam.
.what interesting about this MISS EARTH is the representive from Malaysia.

.do you know this girl?!.
.hopely yes !!.
.She is Sabahan.
.Appey Rowenna Januin.
.dialah yang menjadi wakil Malaysia sebagai Miss Malaysia Earth 2010 ke peringkat World di Vietnam lalu.
.Cantek kan.
.alawa sumandak diti.
.Berasal dari Papar,Sabah.
.dia juga merupakan Juara Unduk Ngadau peringkat negeri sabah sempena Pesta kaamatan di KDCA tahun 2009.
.kalo xsilap la.
.Masih muda lagik nie.
.Baru berumur 18 tahun.
.bangga jugala kan anak kelahiran sabah mampu menjadi wakil
beauty pageant selepas Mandy Mandu.

.Ini merupakan photo semasa pertandingan. 
."National Costume Competition".
.Appey memilih baju "Lotud Sinipak" sebagai national costume.
.Ini mungkin kerana seni baju tersebut yang menarik dan unik.
.Banggakan sebagai orang sabah melihat baju tradisi kita terkenal di mata dunia.
.sekurang-kurangnya hasil seni baju tradisi kita dapat diperkenalkan di lain negara.

.Appey is wearing Vietnam National Costume which is the Ai dao Costume.
.Blue is nice on her rite.

"My parents were strict and brought me up to be a mature person so that I can be a good example to my younger sister. Now I realize that their advice has helped improve my life to become a successful person. - Appey"

.This is some Questions that had been ask to Appey during the Competition.

Describe your childhood when you were growing up from 8 to 13 years old. 

When I was in a primary school, I experienced my childhood moments. I started to get involved in school activities. I was really active in sports when I was 8. One of my favorite sport is volleyball. I love to play volleyball with my best friend and both of us represented our school in district the level. We only got 1st runner up after beating 21 other schools and I've was even selected as the best player. I was very happy that day because I made all the teachers in my school very proud of me.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?

I've learned a lot of things from my parents during my growing years. They taught me how to be a good girl in term of my character. They were really strict in terms of discipline. Besides that, my parents taught me to be matured in life so that I would be a good example to my younger sister. Now I realize that every advice that they tell me is very meaningful to me. They really helped me to build confidence in myself. Other than that, they made me understand the meaning of life and its helps me to appreciate life. Now, I have to work hard to improve my life and become a successful person. 

What is your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment is when I won my first pageant. I won the pageant last year which is called Harvest Festival Queen in my state of Sabah. That was my first time joining a pageant and luckily, I won after beating 40 other participants from all the districts around Sabah. I've done a lot of things such as charity work during my reign. It's really tiring but I'm happy because I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge.
What is your environmental advocacy?
To teach everyone that the environment is a gift from God and that we can all make a difference to make it better for the next generation.

.These photos taken during the swimsuit competition.

.Here are the winner of Miss Earth 2010.


     .MISS THAILAND.            .MISS PUERTO-RICO.           .MISS EQUADOR.


kyoO~rEz@ said...

Miss India tu mmg cantik..hu3x
Miss Earth Fire pun hot3x..hu3

Chriz said...

YOO...aku minat miss equador tuhh...sangka dier menang..tapi sygnya dia xboleh speaking english.huhuhu...

n0n0i♥a'n'l said...

Wahhh, cantiknya... :) Sabahan memang cantik-cantik kan... bangga sy jadi sabahan walaupun saya kategori nda begitu cantik, miahahaha.. tp still bangga jugak...

yes, blue look nice on her.. Actually, every color do ^_^

Chriz said...

kan nonoi..ala semua cantik bha in their own way..hehehe...saya pun bangga ne..hehehee..kita patut bangga jadi sabahan !!.yeah.hehe

NekochanMiruku said...

santix2 semua... hehe

Chriz said...

tula..lawa2 kan nekochan.hehee